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Pioneer Announces Ctrm-Etrm Software for Dodd-Frank SDR Compliance

Pioneer Announces Ctrm-Etrm Software Solution for Rapid Dodd-Frank Swap Data Repository- SDR Compliance Section 728   

DENVER, CO, September 26, 2011 – Pioneer Solutions LLC, a leading supplier of commodity energy trading and risk management- Ctrm-Etrm solutions, today announced enhancements to its comprehensive Ctrm-Etrm software suite called  “TRMTracker” offering a Dodd-Frank Swap Data Repository -SDR compliant ready Ctrm-Etrm solution. The solution is designed to stand alone as a fully capable Ctrm-Etrm solution or it can complement existing deal capture or CTRM-ETRM systems for rapid compliance.

TRMTracker’s enhancement offers swap participants a rapidly deployable Dodd-Frank compliance ready solution that includes swap deal capture, rapid SDR form generation & report generation, including an SDR ready technology adapter for SDR interfacing & report submission. “This is truly a complementary and affordable turnkey solution for companies that do not want to pay for expensive Ctrm-Etrm upgrades or customization efforts or that want to replace spreadsheets for compliance” said Uday Baral, Principal for Pioneer Solutions.

Creating Swap Forms for Swap Data Repository -SDR

The front-office of TRMTracker offers users the ability to easily create SDR swap forms by leveraging its front-office embedded user definable fields –UDF’s feature. This template-based deal capture feature provides the ability to easily capture unique swap deal input fields without the need for coding changes. The result is a rapid means for configuring swap data inputs into SDR formats.

In addition, TRMTracker’s recently enhanced drag-n-drop feature, for deal capture input field customization, allows traders and users the ability to easily move and rename input fields into SDR form specifications.  The combination of UDF’s and the new input field drag-n-drop renaming feature supports rapid form creation in an easy-to-use, no coding needed configuration for all swap data repository –SDR protocols.

TRMTracker’s modular architecture is ideal for creating niche Ctrm-Etrm solutions that address specific needs like Dodd-Frank compliance. For example, by leveraging the mentioned front-office module of TRMTracker, Pioneer is able to easily map existing deal capture system outputs into TRMTracker’s front-office, offering an economical, turnkey solution for existing Ctrm-Etrm systems that are not up to the task or for those that are using spreadsheets for swap tracking.


TRMTracker’s embedded, all web-based report writer engine is template-driven and ideal for mapping and reporting HTML and other formats to the swap data repository- SDR for submission. The combination of the mentioned deal capture mapping (front-office) for swap data combined with the template-driven report writer of TRMTracker offers companies engaged in swaps an easy-to-deploy, end-to-end solution for all Dodd-Frank- SDR compliance needs.

TRMTracker’s dynamic (programmable) workflow engine can be invoked for process controls and submission verification. A comprehensive, full audit trail ensures that compliance is recorded at each step.    

Connectivity to the Swap Data Repository -SDR

TRMTracker’s advanced, all-web based open architecture easily maps swap form data to the SDR protocols. “It is very easy for us to connect to the SDR being that our architecture is all web-based with embedded middleware technology that allows us to rapidly build adapters to the SDRs protocols,” said Uday Baral, Principal for Pioneer Solutions.

“The flexible and modular nature of TRMTracker’s front-office, combined with the all web-based reporting engine, offers our clients a quality, affordable, easily and rapidly deployable turnkey Dodd-Frank compliance solution alternative to expensive upgrades & customization efforts” said Bill Molnar- Director of Ctrm-Etrm Systems for Pioneer Solutions.

About Pioneer Solutions LLC

Pioneer Solutions is a global provider of commodity and environmental management software products serving some of the largest Utilities in the US and Europe. We offer comprehensive and affordable Ctrm-Etrm solutions that are designed to meet your needs today and tomorrow without the need for expensive coding. All of Pioneer’s products are powered by the advanced Financial and Regulatory Risk Management System (FARRMS) all web and template-based technology architecture.

Built from the back office forward, our leading-edge, template and formula-driven, Ctrm-Etrm solution called “TRMTracker” can easily adapt to unique business requirements and integrate with existing systems. In addition to the FARRMS technology platform, Pioneer provides consulting, implementation and environmental reporting products and services.