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Pioneer Announces Improvements to its Front-office, Etrm Software

Denver, Co. November 28, 2011 - Pioneer Solutions LLC, a global commodity energy trading & risk management C-Etrm software provider, has announced significant enhancements to the front-office of its comprehensive C-Etrm solution called “TRMTracker.”

TRMTracker is a comprehensive, enterprise C-Etrm software solution for companies with physical and financial commodity exposure.  TRMTracker’s advanced, all web-based architecture is ideal for companies that are looking to upgrade their trading and risk systems with the latest C-Etrm technology. The recently enhanced front-office is designed to improve the user, trader experience, including the ability to move, hide and rename input fields for a more personalized user experience. “This improvement greatly enhances the trader experience allowing them to easily customize the already easy-to-use deal entry templates," said Bill Molnar, Pioneer's Director of ETRM & EMIS Solutions for the America's. 

"This is another example of Pioneer's commitment to our customer base and a good example of our ability to quickly respond to our clients needs and suggestions; this enhancement was a client driven request that we quickly responded to," said Uday Baral Principal ETRM Consultant for Pioneer. "Our advanced technology architecture, that is highly flexible & malleable allows us to quickly respond to unique customer needs like this front-office enhancement; this is great example of why we have ranked so high, two years running, for customer satisfaction," said Bill Molnar.